Virtual Cards


CubaMuseo-V-Post is an offer of our site to congratulate modernly in an old fashion way.

Through this section you will be able to use the wit and humor of these old postcards, so that with the possibilities of modern technology and the use of e-mails, you can say hi or congratulate a friend or family, the same way your grandparents used to.

Choose among these thematic groups displayed to the left, the best suitable card for the person you want to address it to, and send it adding a note or joke among the infinite options that offer these singular pieces, reflection of a past that will never come back. They will reach any corner of the world in just a few seconds thanks to the advances of the Web.

Galleries with the most dissimilar characters, created with extraordinary talent by the most distinguished artists of the epoch who worked meticulously on postcards, are all at your disposal for you to choose.

Although we have mainly included an interesting group of humorous Cuban postcards, we also offer those of various kinds that arrived to Cuba from other countries and that could also be of your liking since they refer to recurrent themes of that epoch that still today remain fashionable: cats, dogs, women, romantic couples, holidays, etc.