Tales from the Cuban Past

Tales of the Cuban past  is a section we have conceived as an additional offer of our site where we will try to present to our visitors different pages for free dedicated to dig up the Cuban past through anecdotes, articles or short reviews related to the history and culture of our country.

We call it “Tales” because they are usually short references to facts, events, costumes, etc.., conceived parting from specific images that will be the central motif of the exhibition we present. According to the format in which they are presented, we could divide these pages in two main groups:

-Those presented in the traditional way, mixing the images with the text.

- Those separating the text from the images, grouping them in a gallery. In this particular case, the main objective, apart from developing a single theme and showing smaller collections, is to give our visitors an exact idea of the structure of the rest of our larger pages: those that belonging to the galleries section need of payment to be fully seen. We will use here the same way of structuring them, of presenting their content, of organizing their galleries, of showing the characteristics of every piece using a middle page and finally displaying a full sized image, etc. allowing free access to all the stages.

Note that on the left bar you will be able to choose either to see all the offered pages at once or only those of the theme or subject of you interest.

We wish that you enjoy this section and we invite you to visit it regularly seeking the new offers we will gradually add.